Dialect.ai is where conversation meets commerce.

Dialect.ai is designed for the music industry to create deeper, ongoing relationships with our customers' fans. We are powered through AI and use self-learning, digital employees for service, sales, and marketing. No IT required.

Your Digital Employees can:

  • Answer your fans most common questions
  • Execute direct to fan outbound marketing campaigns
  • Collect relevant fan data for targeted campaigns
  • And much more!
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Companies we've worked with
Automatically Make Money

The most important piece of marketing is data, and for your business as your customers talk to your assistant, we gather information and can enable you to automatically market new products, features, or updates to them! 

obtain key customer information
For every conversation your customer has, we can keep information to help you market to them better, whether it's what is their music platform of choice, or if they'd like to be notified of upcoming shows in their city.
bring the music, ticketing, and merchandise to them
Almost every automation solution on the market today just offers basic links to services like Spotify or selling music tickets. At dialect.ai, we're brining the music experience into the automation so your customers stay longer talking to you.
It's not just Messaging Apps...

Nearly 1/3 of all consumers in the US now own a smart speaker such as Amazon Echo or Google Home, and these are also your customers. While we currently only offer our templated automations on Facebook Messenger, we plan to offer solutions for the following platforms coming soon! 

Automatically Answers Fans Questions
for You

Dialect's AI driven Digital Employee automatically responds to commonly asked fan questions on platforms like Facebook messenger and mobile texting.  This goes beyond standard FAQs.  Dialect's Digital Employee can answer questions with ever-evolving answers such as ticket availability, pricing, and set-times, to name a few. Questions that previously required human involvement.

Dialect.ai was specifically created for the music industry by music industry insiders.  Over the past few years, we've been testing music automation solutions and identified the most efficient way to automatically answer music-related customer support.
Dialect.ai Digital Employees can be trained and launched in less than 60-seconds by linking them to your existing website. The Digital Employee is designed to continuously learn: the more questions it’s asked, the smarter it gets!
COLLECT neCESSary Fan information
Give away tickets for shows and need a fan’s information? Get tons of lost and found requests? Using Digital Employee conversations to gather this information has been shown to be 80% more effective.
Messenger Drives Higher Marketing Results

More customers prefer to interact with businesses via messaging apps like Facebook Messenger. These conversations provide a unique opportunity to gather data for future enhanced engagement. An AI driven Dialect Digital Employee will help you utilize the data and drive effective outbound marketing campaigns using messaging. This method has delivered a 3x return rate vs. traditional marketing channels such as email.

Dialect.ai has integrated with all the major music listening platforms including SoundCloud, Spotify, and Beatport. This integration allows your Digital Employee to message your fans with new content using their preferred listening platform.
Engage your FANS about New Music or upcoming shows
Dialect’s Digital Employees can automatically notify your fans about new releases on Spotify or an upcoming show in their town including the ability to buy tickets on the spot.
Venues can offer opt-in for free tickets, exclusive offers, and even allow you to assemble your guest lists.

Want A Custom Solution?

Want a custom built Digital Employee? Not only will we build it for you, we have a conversational design expert on staff to help make both your business and brand shine!

Email us and we'll coordinate a call to chat through what your custom needs are.

Automation driven by AI will save businesses over $8 Billion by 2022

Dialect.ai brings you AI automation, no computer science degree needed. A Dialect Digital Employee for your venue, label, or artist management never gets sick, takes vacation days, or has a bad day talking to a customer. Dialect.ai has built solutions for Facebook Messenger and will be expanding to other messaging and voice platforms in the coming months.

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of  businesses customer support will be using automation by the year 2020. (Gartner)
of our customers customer support and marketing have been automated on messenger.
Messaging open rates w/ 4x higher conversion vs. normal marketing channels. (Gartner)